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Connecting Homeowners with the BEST trained roof technicians in Sydney

The aim of the roofing portal is to find and train the right roofers to satisfy the demand that homeowners have.

Businesses should only EXIST to satisfy a NEED.

Based on client feedback that we have received over the last decade or so, there is an URGENT need to bring quality back to our housing industry.

Service providers in the Australian Building Industry have fallen to the level of 'Used Car Salesmen' in the eyes of the average homeowner. And they have the data to prove it!

Australian roofers tend to reside in the 'darker' spectrum of the building industry - simply because their work is hidden from casual inspection. They can therefore take a lot more short-cuts and provide inferior products and (temporarily) get away with it.

And then the storms hit and the roofs leak.

But by this time, the roofers have moved on...

There is a NEED for a new generation of quality and trustworthy roofers.

And it is this need that is the mission of the Roofing Portal to provide...

As we grow our pool of skilled roofers and roof repairers, the ROOFING PORTAL in Sydney will match problem roofs with the right roofer to satisfy that simple wish that most property owners have for their roofs - LOOKS the part and PERFORMS just like it should...

Hate or love what we are doing?

We welcome FEEDBACK on what we are doing. Post your questions and comments below:

Comments (2)

Apr 17

We had a leak in our roof during a heavy rain in early March. We contacted Roofing Portal as Jack had completed work on our roof several years and we were very happy with the work and his knowledge. Mason came out and found an issue with the flashing that needed sealing. A few weeks later during the heavy rain, the roof leaked again. I contacted Roofing Portal and Jack came out to investigate the issue. He found a huge bird’s nest under the solar panels that was causing the rain water to back up and leak under the tiles during heavy rainfall. He had to remove the solar panel to remove the nest and resolve the leak.

I highly recommend the Roofing Portal to anyone who needs a roof repair.



Jan 16

I wish to cancel a booking for Wednesday 17/1/24 at neridah st Chatswood.

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