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Good roofers need: GOOD ROOFING PARTNERS

Meet our growing list of partners

Who is a Roofing Portal partner?

Airbnb call them “HOSTS”

Uber call them “DRIVERS”

Westfield call them ‘STORES”

At The Roofing Portal, we have PARTNERS

Similar to a Westfield shopping mall, The Roofing Portal will be developed using the ‘Anchor tenants/stores” strategy.

There will be a major Roofing Partner who has the brand name that property owners already trust to deliver premium roofing services.

This major roofing partner will be joined by the specialty roofing partners who have established skills in the roofing industry. These partners will be trained by the roofing portal to provide a level of service that passes our standards and will be added gradually …

Anchor Partners

The founding anchor partner is: “The Roofing Professionals Westside”.

This roofing business will be performing roofing work within the ROOFING PORTAL platform. It is also a major contributor to the development of training modules.

Eventually all our partners will have their page in this PORTAL.

Check out the PORTAL draft page of this anchor business by clicking the button below:

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