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Most skylights are guaranteed to leak during its life span

Our job is to figure out why it is leaking and come up with the best modifications to stop it leaking and also to make it less prone to leakage in the future

twin skylights

Velux installation

Velux skylights have a few design flaws. which if not understood can cause issues after installation

skylight drawing

Fault in the design of flashing

the real problem with this design is that water travels down the flashing which is set below the roof line and then has to com back up through the roof creating a pocket for  leaves and debris to get caught in.

blocked skylight.png

Leaf build up

combine a poor installation with leaves and debris and you have a recipe for disaster.

Roof skylights

Installing a custom flashing

The best solution in the case of velux is to create a custom flashing that keeps water on top of the roof at all times. and doesn't make any unnecessary critical cuts to the existing roof.

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