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Meet Geoff the Roofer

Why do migrants do better than the locals?

The GFC was the impetus to dislodge me from my home of the long white cloud.

In 2009, I arrived in Sydney looking for a future in ANYTHING. I defaulted to trying to find work in an industry that I had trained in – the roofing industry.

In the early internet days, Jack at The Roofing Professionals Westside crushed the first page of Google search. At the time I was a young man looking for something more than just a boss, I was looking for a mentor.

And Jack seemed to have this quality in him.

But he rejected my approaches, several times.

But I persisted and it eventually paid off – BIG TIME.

After working for Jack for about 8 years I decided to strike out on my own I started a business with a close friend which, although was not successful, helped me to learn a lot about the ups and downs of self employment.

Jack supported my attempts to build my own path and was also supportive when I found the going too HARD. We re-joined forces for a few years – until I decided to move overseas again…

To be continued…..

Thanks for checking me out.

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